Curiosity entails mindful listening and asking focused questions.

We understand Trust is choosing to risk something you value vulnerable to another persons actions.

We act from a place of Integrity. Our actions are intentional and in accordance to our mission.

Kindness involves direct, honest communication with a sense of curiosity.

REM Anesthesia

Your Solution
Office-Based Anesthesia

REM Anesthesia personalizes services to meet each provider’s and patient’s needs while incorporating values of curiosity, trust, integrity, and kindness.

Meet Dr. Amber Tiberio

Dr. Amber Tiberio founded REM Anesthesia to allow providers and patients a convenient, comforting, and exceedingly safe option to have procedures performed in the office-setting under anesthesia. Dr. Tiberio is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) with a Doctoral Degree in Nurse Anesthesia Practice. Amber has been providing anesthesia since 2009 in various settings, with extensive experience in the office location. Her mission is to tailor the anesthetic experience to meet the unique needs of each provider and patient, while augmenting comfort and safety.

“Amber and her team are so great to work with. They provide an easy and seamless approach for my office to schedule patients for sedation. My team is able to safely do the necessary treatment knowing our patients are receiving excellent care from the anesthesia team!”

– Dr. Seth Cohen, Crown Town Dental